Professional Business Portraits

Professional headshots – Your visual representation of success and expertise.

A perfect headshot for your website

Take your professional image to the next level with our most basic and  powerful headshot. Simple soft lighting and a perfect white background is the most versatile headshot you can get. It’s most often used on websites, and can easily be used for a composite image. 

Professional business headshot of a woman on perfect white background

LinkedIn business headshot

For LinkedIn profile pictures, a grey background  is our first recommendation as it conveys a sense of professionalism and sophistication. Black is more bold, and white is classic. If you would like to customize your background, we offer the option to change it to any image of your choice.

Outdoor headshot

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or a corporate executive, an outdoor business headshot can be the perfect way to showcase your brand in a fresh and engaging way. Together we will craft a professional and approachable image that captures your unique personality and style. Book your session today and let us help you stand out from the crowd.

Corporate imagery

Sometimes a plain headshot just isn’t enough to convey the full story of your business. Your corporate headshot photographer will help you create a contextual image to achieve the portrait to best represent your brand. 

Team headshots

Need to update your team’s headshots? We offer on-location services for businesses of all sizes. Our team will bring the studio to you, minimizing disruptions to your workflow. We handle all the details so you can get back to work with confidence, knowing you have professional headshots to represent your company.

Large group photos

The hardest part of taking a large group photo is to get all the team together! Leave the rest to us and we’ll make it happen no matter how large the group is. 

Composite Images

When done correctly, this technique allows for a lot of flexibility while keeping the project time and cost-efficient:

Choose the background that suits your project

Allow for absent team members to be added later

Maintain consistent lighting and quality

Easily rearrange individuals as needed

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